Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Welcome to YDM's Blog Dialog+

Who we are
YDM (Yamato Dialog & Media), which is specialized in Direct Marketing, is a joint venture between DHL Global Mail (Japan) K.K. and Yamato Transport. The two different cultures coming together is the basic of an interesting work atmosphere with a lot of different ideas in the marketing sector.

Why am I blogging?
We want to give our English speaking customers, business partners and also colleagues abroad, a better understanding of the Japanese market. Some marketing ideas seem to be normal for Japanese, but for others totally interesting and new. Japanese consumers are different, which also means that foreign companies have to adjust their marketing activities accordingly. Therefore I’m blogging; to show the rest of the world what’s going on in the (Direct) Marketing sector in Japan and what’s different.

What I will be blogging about
Basically I will blog anything interesting about the Japanese market, which is different to other markets. This can be outstanding advertisement, data about consumer behavior, differences about Direct Mail, trends, or what ever I think will be interesting to read about.

Ideas are welcome any time!



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  1. Thank you for your information, Edda - your blog will offer new perspectives for US companies doing business in Japan. Wishing you lots of success with this enterprise. Greetings from Florida, Valentin