Sunday, May 22, 2011

Naka Tsuri Advertisement

Every one of us is familiar with advertisement on public transportation, such as huge images printed on the side of buses. Some countries are famous for their advertisements on taxi roofs, whereas Japan has it's uniqueness in advertisement in trains/subways.
In Japan this form of advertisement is called naka(inside) tsuri(hang) koukoku(advertisement).

In Tokyo millions of people are using trains/subways every day, so the reach of the advertisement is enormous.

Here are some numbers of the busiest stations in greater Tokyo (from Wikipedia):

Passengers carried daily (2007):

Shinjuku Station- 3.64 million (Registered with Guinness World Records)
Ikebukuro Station- 2.71 million
Shibuya Station- 2.18 million
Yokohama Station- 2.09 million
Tokyo Station- 1.12 million
Shinagawa Station- 0.91 million
Takadanobaba Station- 0.90 million
Shimbashi Station- 0.85 million

Naka tsuri advertisement is often used for promotion such as weekly magazines, concerts or brand new beverages. Most popular are the posters hanging in the middle of the train, with the two following available sizes: B3 size (single), 51.5 cm x 36.4 cm, or double size (wide), 103 cm x 36.4 cm.

Considering the huge amount of people using public transportation every day, naka tsuri advertisement and also advertisement at major stations are very popular in Tokyo.

Here some examples:

Advertisement for beer festival

Advertisement for green tea

Christmas campaign of Starbucks

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